Our nation's 1st physical memorial for victims of canine-related fatalities.

The title is reflective of the fact that canine-related fatalities often occur out of the blue and without warning. Photos of 2014 victims as they appeared when alive will be displayed and the public is welcome to express sympathy, respect, love and support for victims and their families by leaving teddy bears, flowers and other decorations when visiting the memorial. What is exhibited? Out of the Blue displays a unique hand-decorated cross in honor of each and every person killed in a canine-related fatality in the year 2014.

For more information on Dangerous dogs and Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) visit:




Ohio and Michigan are presently targets of the pitbull lobby that seeks to pass state wide legislation prohibiting BSL in the states and eliminating local Home Rule. In Michigan, the pitbull lobby has introduced Senate Bill 239. Ohio pitbull advocates is announcing its plans to overturn BSL on May 30th. Contact your state legislatures often and let them know you are opposed to this legislation. BSL is very effective, humane, saves money, and prevents injuries to people and pets.

Unfactual research studies presented by pitbull advocacy organizations present data on BITES in growing communities to try to show that BSL ineffective. On the contrary, BSL is not meant to target bites, which are usually minor. BSL is extremely effective in preventing serious attacks that can't be classified as mere bites.


  • The memorial pays tribute to all who lost their lives in canine-related incidents in 2014.
  • Departed men, women, adults, children & pets.
  • May they forever rest in peace.


  • Over 2 dozen uniquely decorated crosses.
  • Covered in luminous blue hues: stunning and beautiful day or night.
  • The public is welcome to express sympathy and condolences for victims & their families by leaving teddy bears, flowers and other decorations in the memorial space.


  • Out of the Blue will continue to be displayed throughout the USA as support and need warrants